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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Celebrity Hair Transplantsp politicians, Film stars, Singers, Players

Many Players, Politicians or Film stars have found their losing hair as a big challenge to their personality or even their carrier. Some have chosen to go for the artificial solutions like hair piece and some have chosen to go shaven head and some have preferred to go for a permanent solution of Hair Transplantation. Some of the examples are given here who are believed to have undergone hair Transplant surgery to give a more youthful Hair line. The information is not first hand but mostly through internet search. Abhijit an Indian Playback singer, Elton Johns, Brndan Fraser, Sunil Gavaskar, George Cloony, Harsha Bhogle, Italian Prime Minister Silvio Burlusconi, Jude law, James Nesbitt , Joel McHale, John Cleese, Kevin Kosner, Matthew Mcconaughtey,  Mel Gibson, narendra Modi Gujarat,s CM, Nicolas cage, Rana Naveed Ul hassan ( Pakistani Cricketer), Ravi Shashtri ( Indian Cricketer), Salman Khan ( Indian Film Star) Virendra Sehwag ( Indian Cricketer), Nawaz Shareef ( Pakistan ex PM) and brother , Tom Arnold, Tom Hanks, Will young are to name a few.


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