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Thursday, July 8, 2010

8 new genes found associated with Alopecia areata

According to the study published in the July issue of Nature  the  professor of dermatology and genetics at Columbia, Angela Christiano et al have found  a connection between the gene called ULBP3 on Chromosome 3 and the Alopecia Areata recently. This gene is normally not found in the hair follicles but it was observed that ULBP3 proteins were found in high concentrations in hair follicles affected by alopecia areata. ULBP3 attracts immune cells (called cytotoxic cells, Natural  Killer or NK Cells) receptors called NKG2D . If an infection is present in the body, cytotoxic cells  can help fight the infection or destroy damaged cells, but if there is no infection or damage, these immune cells end up attacking healthy tissue. These genes ULBP3 are already associated with a number of autoimmune disorders, including type 1 Diabetes  & Rhematoid Arthritis.
Two other genes were also expressed in hair follicles, while the remaining five genes were involved in immune system response.
The researchers discovered that the number of alopecia-associated genes a person had correlated with the severity of the condition. Those who carried 16 or more genes (the genes are in pairs) were more likely to progress to alopecia universalis, or total hair loss.

In people with alopecia, immune system T cells are present in large numbers in the hair follicle. Microscopic look is like the hair follicle is being attacked by bees, which are the T cells. Among the eight genes, one in particular -- ULBP3 -- has been shown to attract toxic cells that can invade and destroy an organ. In a person without alopecia, ULBP3 is turned off. But in people with alopecia, ULBP3 proteins are plentiful in the follicle.
In people with alopecia areata, a huge expression of the ULBP3 gene in the outermost layer of the follicle is seen as per  Christiano. ULBP3 is a danger signal that signals to T cells to come in and attack the follicle. It's like putting nectar on the hair follicle, and then the 'bees' come in and do their damage.
When the follicle is attacked, the hair falls out. If the T cells remain, which they do in alopecia areata, the follicle goes dormant.
The mechanism of genes pathway in Alopecia areata has opened a new vista of developing the new drug for this disease that affects over 5 million people only in America  the disease is life-altering - sufferers, especially children, experience social stigma. It affects their quality of life and can lead to long-term psychosocial impact.
More over ULBP3 genes might work as a biomarker for Alopecia areata.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

We perform procedures from Monday to Thursdays only and on Friday we have only consultations. Saturday and Sundays the clinic remains closed.  

As for the appointment I think it is best if you could let us know around which period or week you want to have the procedure done so that; we can offer you the available dates during that period.

The usual policy FOR booking a date is:
You need to deposit $ 500 or 20000 Rupees in advance by one of the following: Following are the safe methods for sending advance deposit:

1. If you are in India you can deposit the amount to the Savings bank account of BISHAN MAHADEVIA at ICICI bank account No. 029501515482, ICICI bank SG Road Branch, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. You may deposit by cash or cheque by going to nearest ICICI bank or by sitting at home through Internet Transfer (NEFT) (Postal address: ICICI Bank Sarthik II, Ground Floor, S.G.Road, Bodakdev, Ahmedabad 380054 )

IFSC (Indian Financial System Code)code: ICIC0000295

MICR (Magnetic Ink Character Recognition) Code: 380229009

International wire transfer to this ICICI bank account in India is routed through one Correspondent Bank depending upon the currency that you are paying in (e.g. JP MORGAN CHASE, NEW YORK for payment in $ --- the comprehensive list is given at this link http://www.icicibank.com/pfsuser/icicibank/ibank-nri/nrinewversion/money_transfer/common/wire_transfer/wiretransfer_list.htm) You need to tell your bank the Name of Correspondent Bank, Account Number ,Swift code / BIC or IBAN or Bank Clearing Code of that branch of Correspondent bank to your local bank for the wire transfer form as mentioned in the "For a sample wire transfer form please select currency below" at this link http://www.icicibank.com/pfsuser/icicibank/ibank-nri/nrinewversion/money_transfer/money_transfer_others/wire_transfer.htm IBAN(International Bank Account Number Swift (Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication) code: or BIC ( Bank Identifier Code )

2. Bank Draft in favour " Dr. Bishan Mahadevia" payable at Ahmedabad

3. If you are out of India You can deposit the amount to my ICICI account 029501511589 by going to the nearest ICICI bank or by Bank to Bank Internet Transfer

4. Western Union: Deposit the amount at the nearest "Western Union" office payable to "DR. Bishan Mahadevia" at Ahmedabad, India. You will be given a 10 digit "MTCN number" that you have to pass on to me so that money can be encashed at my end of Western Union.

5. Ask your bank to Transfer the Fund Electronically in our current account in the name of Dr. Bishan Mahadevia of at HDFC Bank Navarangpura Branch,  Ahmedabad: A/C number: 00062020002040. BIC: HDFCINBBAHM;  IFSC code: HDFC 0000006
International wire transfer to  this HDFC bank account is routed through one intermediary international bank e.g. JP Morgan Chase Bank and that bank depends upon the currency in which you are paying. You need to tell your bank the swift or IBAN code of that intermediary bank to your local bank as follows:

Swift Code for $ : CHASUS33 JP Morgan Chase Manhattan Bank of NY
Swift code for Pound: CHASGB2L JP Morgan Chase Manhattan Bank of NY
Swift code for Euro: CHASDEFX Gen ac No. 6231602308 JP Morgan Chase Manhattan Bank, Frankfurt

6 . Paypal.com: you should be the registered member of Paypal.com services or else go to www.paypal.com get registered. The Registration process takes 2-3 days for validation of your credit card and bank. After that you may send me the money directly to my e mail "info@goodbyehairloss.com" using "send money" option in www.paypal.com

1. In case of cancellation or changing the date you must inform us 1 week in advance if you want the refund. There will be no refund of advance in last week or on no show.
2. In case where deposit is not paid after taking a date the date will automatically canceled one week prior to the date and it can then be allocated to some one else.

We perform procedures from Monday to Thursdays only and on Friday we have only consultations. Saturday and Sundays the clinic remains closed.


ROUTINE PREOPERATIVE CARE: advised to our hair transplant patients

1. Avoid smoking few days before and after
2. Avoid blood thinning medications like aspirin for a few days before if possible
3. Wear regular shirt at the time of procedure and avoid T shirt or thermal under garment which you have to wear from the top
4. Keep a large size cap or hat that yu may wear for a few days after the procedure when you go outdoors.
5. Shampoo your hair well before coming for the procedure
6. Do not come on empty stomach have good breakfast or lunch before the procedure.
7. Exercise of the scalp skin: slide your skin up and down on the back and side of the head by holding it with the palms of the hands. You may be 100 times a day. This will increase its blood supply and also make it more lax and makes the stitches tension free and thereby improves the quality of linear scar.
8. The routine preoperative blood tests (they include CBC, Blood Sugar Urea, Hbs Ag, HIV, PT and APTT). You can get them done from the Laboratory from your Town/City before coming if you want to save that time and also make sure the fitness for the surgery.
9. If you do have gray hairs get your hair colored black if possible for surgical convenience before 2 days of procedure if not then inform us and come earlier so that we can colour the donor area hairs prior to the procedure.
10. If you are going to have Body hair Transplant (BHT) you must shave the possible body donor areas ( chest, pubic, armpit, back or thighs) hairs to the skin level exactly 4 days in advance of your procedure date.
10. Although rare there is a possibility of “shock loss” of some of the currently existing weak hairs in first few months after the surgery and If you are not already on Finasteride ( Tab. Finax 1mg or Propecia 1mg to be taken once a day) start at earliest to protect your existing hairs.
10. I would appreciate if you can CALL ME A DAY BEFORE TO MAKE SURE EVERYTHING IS OK ON MY MOBILE 9974113377
11. The black and white receipt you can receive when you come for the procedure

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