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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Smoking, baldness and graying

smoking can reduce the blood supply to the scalp skin and thereby destroy the follicle or stem cells of the follicles by reducing the blood and hormone reaching to these follicles. This may lead to more and early hair loss and graying as well. Smoking not only speeds up hair loss but can also makes hair loss prevention medications ineffective. More over in the early post operative period after Hair Transplant surgery healing and hair growth of the transplanted hairs can be affected and smoking should be avoided for 10 months. There are 4000 poisonous chemicals in cigarette e.g. tar, nicotine, carbon Monoxide. Carbon monoxide reduces the oxygen carrying capacity of blood and Nicotine reduces the blood supply to skin by constricting the blood vessels.

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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Can I use the wig for some time after transplant? I will quit once the hair grows.

You may use hair piece after 15 days of transplant with some care when the wound have healed and then remove it once the transplanted hair grows. You must know that transplant will never give you as much density as the hair piece or wig can give and there for it is better that you get the hair piece trimmed to lighter density serially before you finally quit it . But still better method s shave the head completely during the transplant and maintained like that for 4-6 months and after that and let the transplants grow with other hair thereafter.

I read about the side effects ; should I stop Medications?

Every thing you read on internet may not be written in the right perspective. Minoxidiil may be very rarely a possible cause of hepatic ( liver) damage but when it is consumed orally and not when you apply it on the scalp. Same way Finasteride side effect is mainly reduced sexual libido ( a psychological manifestation) and not really impotency or sterility ( organic manifestations) more over this is very well studied to be experienced by only 1% of those who use it and majority of the time that is experienced in initial few weeks. Most important and interesting is the sexual symptoms are reversible on stopping the medication and it has been seen that many of those who have continued in spite of the experience of initial sexual symptoms had observed that the said side effect disappeared. By not taking this you lose a chance of falling in to 99% of those who do not have such side effect and have benefit of medication. for more ref to:



http://goodbyehairloss.blogspot.com/2010/01/hair-loss-and-medications-finasteride.html If you have been using this medications for long time and you already had benefit if improving your the thickness and length of your miniaturized hairs you may start rapidly losing those hairs which are supported by the medications if you suddenly stop the medications. Minoxidil is better used as 5% instead of 2% for more efficiency and use twice instead of oncee a day. In my experience Instead of plain Minoxidil as you have been using; use the combination with Reti-A which is more effective and have to be used once a day. check: http://goodbyehairloss.blogspot.com/2010/01/minoxidil-with-retin-or-minoxidil.html Finasteride is better than Minoxidil in effect when used alone but since both medications have different mechanism of action there is more benefit when used in combination.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Transplant of Hair from others or animal : is it possible?

Each follicular unit of hair has blood vessels, glands, nerves, skin, and fat. It takes all this plus a growth center and the right genes and nutrition to make hair grow. Since by definition hair is an organ, transplanting the hair from someone else is like transplanting a heart, kidney, lung, etc.
One may tend to think that a person (a Family, friend or well wisher) with same blood group if willing to donate hair to another person should be an easy solution for people with hair loss but it is not that easy a solution!
Generally hair transplantation from one person to another (called Allogenic or Homologous Transplant) who could be living person or a dead person (Cadaveric Transplant) carries the similar risks as organ (liver, heart, kidney) transplants.
Transplant from the animal fur to human head is called Heterogenous or Xeno Transplant. There is a
1. Risk of rejection and failure
2. Wastes money and effort of surgery
3. Lifelong use of anti-rejection medication that could lead to further health complications
4. Transmission of some diseases.
5.It involves surgery on the donor as well
6. There are medico legal aspects to it besides ethical issues: such as possibility of people selling their hair for money in future.
Such experiment has been done before without success (http://www.hairsite.com/hair-loss-articles/article308-person-to-person-hair-transplant.htm)
Hair from a newborn baby or identical twins (they have same Genetic Blue print) might be immune privileged (it seems to work for a heart transplant), but again, who would endorse such a donor? Incidence of transplant from one identical twin to another has worked in the past but the problem is that when one twin has balding, so does the other.
There are some research indicating that Anagen Bulb part of Human hair follicle is Immune Privileged (i.e. protected from Host Rejection)
http://www.nature.com/jidsp/journal/v8/n2/full/5640115a.html ). More research may open a new vista in this field in future.
Rosati et al. reported the case that the bone marrow transplant patients could undergo an allotransplant of hair from the same bone marrow donor. Jahoda et al. (http://www.nature.com/nature/journal/v402/n6757/full/402033a0.html)

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Where is our Location?

Our address: Dr. Bishan Mahadevia Dr. Mahadevia's Hair Transplant Clinic 3/A New Bhramakshatriya Society Nr. Pritamnagar Akhada Pritamnagar, Paldi Ahmedabad- 380006 Gujarat, India We are 14 Km or 45 to 60 minutes drive from Ahmedabad International Airport ( Known Sardar Vallabhbhai Airport) We are 12 Km or 25 to 30 minutes drive from Ahmedabad Kalupur Railway station

How to reach us:        If you are coming to India for the first time you need to take the visa from Indian Embassy in your country. Ahmedabad has some direct international connections from, Dubai, Sharjah, Singapore, New York, London. You can otherwise get the connection from Bombay (Mumbai) or Delhi.
For International flights: http://www.expedia.com/, http://www.globester.com/ ,  http://www.ezeego1.co.in/
Tourist Information:
Teperature43 - 23º C in summer and 36 - 15 ºC in winter
Average Rainfall 93.2 cm
Official Language Gujarati
Languages spoken Gujarati, Hindi, English
Visa:     check at              http://www.visatoindia.com/
Where to stay:                      
Hotels at walking distance: (N.B. Pick up and drop, on prior request can be arranged)

1. Hotel Chicago: Nr. V S Hospital, Ellis bridge Ashram Road, Ph: 079- 26578126, 26577225
Fax : 079- 26577226 http://www.hotelchicago.in (Rooms around 1500 -2500 per day)
email: chicago@icenet.net ( Sp. Note: This is closest to our clinic, reasonably priced, clean, comfortable, give good services, accepts credit cards, provide airport pick up and drop services.)

2. Hotel Maruti : Next to Hotel Chicago mentioned above (Rooms around 700- 1500 per day)
Ph: 079-26589871 Website: www.hotelmaruti.com

3. Hotel Apex: Phone: 079 26578101, 26579660 . (Room around 500 - 1000 per day). Sahjanand Trade Centre, Opp. Kothwala Flats, Ashram Road, Paldi.

4. Inder Residency: Opp. Gujarat College Ellisebridge, Tel: 079- 26560407
email: inder-residency@egujarat.net or inderad1@sancharnet.in web: www.inder-residency.com ( Higher price and facilities,)
5. Hotel Royal Plaza:
Hare Krishna Complex, Opp. Kothawala Flat, Pritamnagar, Ellisebridge, Ahmedababd-380006 Ph: 26576708, 26578235. Room rates from Rs. 600 to 1500
6. Hotel Dev Residensy:
7. Fortune Land Mark:  (about 4 Km from the clinic and rates and luxury facilities) http://www.fortunelandmark.com/  Address: Usmanpura Cross Roads,
Ashram Road, Ahmedabad - 380 013, INDIA. Phone+91 (79) 3988 4444 Fax +91 (79) 3001 4445 Email info@fortunelandmark.com
8. Taj Residency Ummed ( 5 star hotel near Air port ) http://www.tajhotels.com/Business/Taj%20Residency%20Ummed,AHMEDABAD/default.htm. Address Taj Residency Ummed
International Airport Circle, Hansol, Ahmedabad - 382 475,
Gujarat, India.
Phone:(91-79) 6666 1234 / 2286 9999
Fax:(91-79) 6666 4444
Email: residency.ahmedabad@tajhotels.com


Galeatomy what is it?

SCALP has 5 layers (S: Skin C: Cutaneous Tissue A: Apponurosis (Galea) L: Loose Areolar Tissue P: Pericranium) According to one theory it was believed that 3rd Layer Galea or Apponurosis which is a a tough sheet like layer under the skin tightens over the blood vessels passing through it to the skin and does not allow enough blood to pass through it to the skin. This leads to hair loss. Well this theory is never been proven. Galeatomy as a procedure is there for many years now and not new; is deviced with the hope that by cutting this constricting layer blood vessels will carry more blood to the skin and will therefore control the hair loss. This theory was never been proven and those who have performed this surgery in the past have never substantiated this belief. This procedure which I have no personal experience of has never been supported by even international association like ISHRS where hair loss specialists from around the world are active. It is also important to note that most of the scalp blood supply come from front and back of the head and not from the underneath the Galea and those vessels above the Galea and they do not have to cross the Galea. There are few surgeons in Belgium who rpomote this but have perhaps never presented their results in ISHRS.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Does FUE have less hair in the same number of grafts than that by strip method?

well there is view like that because in FUE some of the grafts (about 8-10%) can have partial extraction of the grafts due to the nature of the procedure this may extract less number of hairs. As against the in FUE we have a freedom of choosing follicles with 3-4 hairs unlike the strip method therefore total number of hairs extrcted at time may be same or even more than the same number of grafts by strip method as in strip we do not have any choice but to harvest whatever is available in the strip area.

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